About us

Hernandez Boxing Equipment is handmade and designed in Mexico, by a boxer, for boxers. We use authentic locally sourced leathers and a high quality foam that is more durable than our competitors to ensure it can stand up to long term use.

"Back in the early 70's I used all the top name gloves (Tuf-wear, Reyes, Casanova) but I feel Hernandez makes the best fitting glove of all and you will love them."

Hernandez headgear laces up on the top and back with extra care put into the design of the straps and buckle for fit and comfort. Our groin protecter also has hip protection and laces up in the back. It fits so well you won't even know you're wearing it. We can also provide a number of other handcrafted combative sports related items as you can see in the photo samples in our blog. We can do custom orders with gloves, headgear and cups so you can personalize your equipment.

Hernandez Boxing Equipment Canada is the only outlet, outside of Mexico, where you can acquire this gear. Hernandez equipment is top of the line and priced to compete. We are so thrilled for our family to have the privilege of bringing these fine pieces of craftsmanship to our friends in boxing and we look forward to doing business with you soon.